KAYAD is a women’s organization working in the field of community development in  North Cyprus. Established in 1997, KAYAD Community Centre, which is the first of its kind in  Northern Cyprus, has been submitting activities since 2001. It aims to strengthen  grassroots through empowering women, strengthening families and providing skills to youth.  It increases awareness on vital issues for sustainable development.

KAYAD is a volunteer women`s organization that began in Lefkosa, in 1997. KAYAD Community Center is a community based ‘walk in’ centre established to accomplish KAYAD’s objectives. The Community Center members include women, families, children and youth. We offer lectures seminars, workshops, support groups, guidance coaching and advocacy.

Here at KCC we train and advocate families, children and youth to ensure that they are aware of their rights by providing information and skills and offer support in changing their attitudes to help them succeed in the community.The Community Center has been identified by qualified organizations as a center that offers intensive rehabilitation, training and counseling, as well as offering appropriate activities and increasing  the level of functioning for youngsters, adults,  kids and people with disabilities to the point  where they can reach their maximum potentials.  This potential will make people to perceive, think, act and live in peace, prosperity and harmony within their community and in the world.

The objectives of KAYAD include:

-Raising awareness in human rights.

-Strengthening women`s position in society.

-Understanding and working for international peace.

-Working to establish ethical and moral values in society.

KAYAD seeks to carry out these objectives through education and social work, and has carried out a great number of activities in the past relating to these objectives. KAYAD's activities over the last four years include discussion groups for its members (women above the age 18), group therapy, conferences and workshops mainly on women's issues, trips and entertainment nights.

KAYAD started its programmes with counselling and training in order to offer support and help women increase their self profile and skills in performing optional roles in society beyond their traditional roles.
The core components of our program based either on "one to one" or "give up" matched acts in a warm, supportive and friendly atmosphere. In these relationships, women find help identifying, facing and dealing with personal problems and fulfilling a basic human need for positive feelings of self worth. The woman is also provided with supportive community advice according to need.

Over the past years the services of KAYAD has expanded with extra activities such as "United Nations Children's Rights Congress" and "UN World Environment Day Celebration"; extended to all areas of Cyprus with the financial assistance of UNDP/UNOPS and with the collaboration of Ministry of Education, University of Near East and Department of Antiquities and local and national Radio, TV and Press cooperation.

KAYAD Community Center aims to create a more dynamic society by empowering and educating women, youth children and parents. 

Community Center meets the demands of its target groups via Education, Counseling and social activities.
KAYAD is aiming to inject the thrill and spirit of voluntary participation into the Cypriot society. Volunteer participation is essential for all major events organized by KAYAD, just like it is for all educational programs provided by the Community Center.

Educational Programs provided in our center are:

- Personal Devlopment

- Computer Education

-  Time management

-  Environmental Awareness

-  Parenting Education

-  Foreign Languages (Greek, English, Turkish, Photography and Computer)

-  Mediation

-  Leadership

-  My Home

-  Virtues

-  Our Rights and Responsibilities

-  Stress Management

- Happiness and Success as a way of living KAYAD Community Center also offers an alternative counseling service to meet the needs of the Turkish Cypriot society.

-  Family Therapy

-  Group Therapy

-  Individual Therapy Sessions KCC also offers social activities aimed at the cultural and social development of society. These include:

-  Book Club

-  Story Telling

-  Chess

-  Movie Screenings

-  Shopping

-  Conferences

-  Birthday Celebrations

-  Drama / Theatre

-  Trips

-  Ceramics


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